North Sikkim


The administrative and commercial centre of North Sikkim, Mangan is about 65 km away from Gangtok and easily accessible by road. Due to its high altitude, Mangan has a temperate climate and is known for its cultivation and production of large Cardamom. Further up north away from Mangan is the small town of Chungthang which is located at the junction of two roads leading further up north to the towns of La Chen and La Chong.


With an altitude of about 8,500 ft (2,590m), Lachen is the last village stop (with about 200 households) before travellers move northwards to visit the holy Guru Dongmar and Tso Lhamu Lakes. Foreigners wishing to visit beyond Lachen will be required to obtain special passes (in addition to the Inner Line Permits).


Travelling to Yumthang Valley to see the beautiful flowers, Lachung is the last town stop. At 8,610 ft (2,625m), Lachung is also the highest village stop in Sikkim. With its hotels and lodges, Lachung is also good place for tourists to stay overnight.